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Sigthor Sigmarsson


Following a brief period of studying in the engineering field, Sigthor went to banking, spending eight years with Íslandsbanki in Iceland, in divisions including research, capital markets, treasury and risk. He headed the Risk Management department of Islandsbanki for several years until joining Novator in 2006.

At Novator, Sigthor’s focus spans group treasury and funding and the management of holding structures as well as certain assets, mainly in the telecoms space.

Sigthor is a director of Novator Iceland and Novator Luxembourg and is on the board of various Novator holding entities, such as Chilli Investments, Xantis Phama Investments in Cyprus and NC Telecom in Norway. He has also been on the board of Nova in Iceland since before the launch of its operations in 2007.

His other interests include motorcycling and snowmobiles, vintage cars and cooking.

Sigthor holds a CSc. degree in electronic engineering and is a chartered securities broker.