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Anna-Kreeta Rantamaa-Hiltunen


Anna has been at Novator since the inception of Novator’s Luxembourg office and was one of two to set it up in early 2009.

Her main focus at Novator now is the management of the Novator group entities, including legal, corporate governance, financial, and regulatory aspects of entities in Luxembourg and abroad, and also managing the Luxembourg office. Anna is also a director of Novator Luxembourg and holds board memberships in various other Novator group entities.

Anna holds an LLM degree and started her career working at a district court in Finland. She moved to Luxembourg in 2006 and worked at Equity Trust (Luxembourg) S.A. and Landsbanki Luxembourg S.A. prior joining Novator. In her roles, both legal and tax, Anna has been dealing mainly with wealth management, tax and financial restructuring, transaction management and other corporate law matters for private equity clients.

Anna’s other interests include skiing, cycling and all other kind of endurance sports which she is doing for fun after having introduced herself to the more serious side of it earlier in her career.