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Andri Sveinsson


Andri is a Cand. Oceon from the University of Iceland focusing on accounting.

He started his career in the banking and finance sector in Iceland, working at Skandia, and Bunadarbanki, where he was the Head of Corporate Finance. Along with collegues, Andri then funded the Investment Company Gilding, that later merged with Bunadarbanki in 2001. From 2002 he has been working with Thor, being a founding Partner at Novator in 2005.

Andri’s main focus at Novator is sourcing investments, M&A, finance and operations. He has worked across industries mainly in the health, telecoms and tech space.

Currently Andri is a board member and leads several investments in the generic pharma, health and tech space. These include Xantis, Catapult, Nova, Dreamlines, Playfusion, and SideKick Health.

Andri‘s other interests include football, skiing, boxing, rock and riding motorcycles. He is the co-founder of the Icelandic Punk Museum and an executive producer of best grossing Icelandic movie this century.