Novator is an international private equity, growth equity and capital markets investor, founded by Icelandic businessman, Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson in 2004, with offices in London, Iceland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We invest in both developed and emerging markets. We manage internal money which gives us an edge to our investment strategy, primarily through flexible investment structure, quick decision making and a focused, hands-on approach.

Private Equity

Our private equity investments primarily lie within the telecommunications sector where we have a long, established track record and expertise. Our investment strategy rests on three key pillars, namely the empowerment of existing or new management teams, active investment approach and focus on execution excellence. Management teams are offered an opportunity to capitalise on the back of an engaged, knowledgeable and supportive investor. We are committed to take an active part in supporting management teams in execution of the investment case with the aim of increasing shareholder as well as other stakeholder value. We are focused on execution and operational excellence, which we believe results in financial excellence over time.

We delegate day-to-day business management to our management teams, while remaining closely involved in the key decision and long-term strategy of our portfolio companies. We share best practices and lessons learned between portfolio companies. Our past experience includes investments into green or brown field challenger operators as well as turnarounds of mature operators in both mobile and fixed segments.

Growth Equity

Within our growth equity segment, we seek to identify strong disruptive secular trends driven by digitisation or technological innovation and then pick high quality disruptor businesses that are driving these secular changes in their given industries. We seek to back businesses that provide best-in-class products or services and are thus well positioned to become dominant players in their respective markets. We strongly believe in execution excellence and, therefore, seek to identify management teams capable of delivering leading operational execution.

We offer founder and/or management teams an opportunity to capitalise on the back of an engaged, knowledgeable and supportive investor. As part of our value creation process, we seek to support our portfolio companies with our resources, connections, lessons learned and best practices from our other existing or past investments.

Capital Markets

Our capital markets segment has a broad multi-asset and sector focus. We seek to invest within developed markets across the capital markets landscape, investing across a broad spectrum of financial instruments.

Our capital markets investments offer us the ability to provide a greater degree of diversification of our combined investment portfolio, with investments being spread over a broad range of sectors and regions with bespoke objectives, terms and investment strategies. This helps to cushion the alternative and inevitable potential “market shocks” with investments of a single asset class or type, enhance the potential for investing in the best-performing assets classes and provide great flexibility in terms of return on investment, due to the ability to utilise capital based upon the status of any sector or specific investment opportunity.

We also selectively invest in companies, most particularly within media and technology sectors, which are around 12-18 months away from an initial public offering. Our investment in such companies is typically a significant minority stake, which seeks to provide catalyst capital to our target companies and enable them to make strategic investments into their businesses, whilst preparing for an initial public offering. We work hand in hand with founder and/or management teams in relation to such initial public offerings and bring Novator’s combined expertise in growth ventures, private equity and capital markets to accelerate the growth of our target companies culminating in a successful initial public offering.